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Privacy Policy

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About Us

What We Do

i-Magination Solution is a System Integrator, Products and Services Provider.

As a System Integrator, the central theme of a typical project we undertake is always a bespoke Business Application, and around that, we would size up the system hardware/software/equipment/storage required to meet a set of requirements specification from our client.

In respect of Products, our flag-ship product is the Document WorkBench suite, an Enterprise Information Management System, for establishing a central or distributed Content Repository where an enterprise's Information (e.g. unstructured data such as documents, emails, images) and related data are kept and managed.

Our Experience

We place our focus on assisting our clients in achieving their IT-related pre-set business goals and objectives, and we ensure what we deliver are fit for purpose.

We have a combined experience of over 30 years in System Integration and over 20 years in the Digital Content Management business.

The cumulative knowledge, experiences, and know-how gained through these years become valuable in continuing to successfully implement solutions and systems for our clients in the increasingly complex IT environment of today.

ISO 9001-2015 certified.
Document WorkBench Brief

Document WorkBench (DWB) is a Digital Content and Information Management Software Product.

DWB provides a platform to assist organisations to move from manual information management to Digital Information Management, or, from an un-managed digital environment to a managed one.

DWB primary functions are to manage the Life Cycle of Digital Information from Creation to Disposal.

DWB manages both soft and hard copies of documents or files, with an automated process to auto-archive old records, or, to remind the system owner to review records due for archival; as the case may be configured in the system's retention and archival policies.

DWB has been installed for various organisations across different industries, such as the Public Sector, Banking, Insurance, Logistics, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Distribution, etc. in the ASEAN region.

Information Lifecycle Management

Information has a life span, from creation to disposal. In between, the information goes through organisation, management, distribution, use, and finally, disposal at the end of their useful life.

Once information is created in DWB's Digital Content Store, DWB takes over the control, protection, sharing, usage, and disposal management.

Managed Information System ensures information consistency across the organisation.

Disposal is governed by Retention and Disposal Policies. Certain information may be required under statutory laws to be retained for a fixed period of time; yet, other types of information may require a different set of retention policies. And all these differing policies are easily configured in DWB.

With configurable Retention Policies, DWB easily ensures compliance to statutory as well as business requirements in Information retention.

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Create Information
Images, Pictures, Documents, Emails, Computer Output, Application Output

Information birth in a Digital Content System takes the following means:

1. Imported scanned hardcopy documents stored as images in the Content.
2. Imported photographs and pictures.
3. Emails checked in through an Interface.
4. Electronic documents checked in through an interface/imported into the Content.
5. Imported Computer outputs from 3rd parties’ software.
6. Direct output from integrated business applications.

In addition to the above, DWB further provides library-like functions to manage hardcopy documents that are deemed economically or otherwise, not worth converting into electronic images.

Create Information Icon
Manage Information
Taxonomy, Security, Role & Permission, Version Control, Retention, Archival & Disposal Policies

Information needs to be organised and managed, to be logical, secured, and yet easily available and accessible. Only then Information could be effectively consumed by knowledge workers to improve work productivity and efficiency.

This also extends to sensitive information, that is, not everyone has the privy to all sensitive Information, the norm is, no one is given more rights to Information than it is necessary to perform his/her job.

Other than these, Information also needs to be protected from breaches to reduce risks of exposure in general, for example, with Content Encryption.

For users of DWB, individuals’ actions are also traceable and this helps towards information security audits, often carried out to reaffirm that Information are indeed protected as best as they are intended; or, if there are abnormal activities in the system that require further investigation.

Manage Information Icon
Distribute Information
Portable Content, Desktop Client, Workflow, Email, Integrate Applications

Distribute Information is about delivering the information (from the Content) to where they are needed to aid in business operations and/or other requirements.

For direct users of the Content System, Information could be accessed via a Web Client (through standard Web Browser), or a Desktop Client.

Where and when there is a lack of Internet access or stable Internet connections, DWB has a Portable Content Manager that allows Information to be downloaded to a portable storage media for off-site access via a portable reader. Downloaded Information are encrypted.

Information delivery could also be automated through DWB Work Flow software.

Other forms of Information delivery are, for example, via email attachment or directly provided to integrated business applications, observing a set of information security rules.

Distribute Information Icon
Dispose Information
Auto-gather Records Due, Review & Approval, Archive, Dispose

When Information records are created, a retention policy may be defined for each type of Information in the Content. With this policy, records are automatically gathered for disposal when they are due.

A disposal policy would determine if disposal will be carried out automatically without any human intervention, or it will go through a process of review and approval. Certain aspects of the retention policy could be changed or refined during the review and approval process.

Before Information records are disposed, they are usually archived first to prevent accidental loss of data from inadvertent disposal actions. Archiving old Information prevents endless build-up of number of records in the Content which will eventually and gradually slow down search and retrieval.

DWB provides an option to continue to access archived data online, albeit occasionally. But this does require a copy of the archived data to be in a storage that is connected online. With the much-reduced storage costs today, this has become a viable practice.

Dispose Information Icon

Document WorkBench Key Modules


dwContent is the core DWB module where the key DWB technologies and infrastructures are defined, for example:

  • Content Encryption and Decryption
  • Taxonomy Management
  • Content Security Classification System
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Content Search and Retrieval Features
  • Records Retention Policies, etc.

This infrastructures layer extends to all the other add-on modules of DWB, e.g., dwEmail, dwRecord, etc.

DWB takes care of all your filing needs, both digital (softcopy) and hardcopy files that are, for a good reason, not converted to softcopy images.

DWB does not just manage the Information Lifecycle of its Repository's content, it also acts as a platform for data-centric systems to ride on top of it, e.g., for unstructured data analytic, data discovery, and many other business applications.


dwEmail is a client side plug-in module to Outlook, enabling Outlook emails to be filed/retrieved directly to/from DWB Content. Email filing may be mandatory or optional, which can be configured as required.

Emails are an important tool used to conduct business communications today, archiving them on a regular basis ensure proper record keeping and also ensure trusted information is available to all who have the rights and the needs to access to it.

Directly linking up Outlook, DWB makes it a breeze to file to (archive) or retrieve from DWB Repository. DWB Repository's email Taxonomy could be viewed from Outlook too and you could easily tell the status of emails that have been filed (or archived).

Emails filed to DWB Content Repository are part of the normal Content, therefore, all Content Management related functions work for filed Emails too, including, searching into Email's attachments, applying retention policies, archival policies etc. With automated processes, you do not have to remember when to housekeep your content.


dwCapture allows hardcopy documents to be created as Tiff images in DWB Content.

You may enter indexes or meta data for Hardcopy created in the Content, this aids in targeted search and retrieval of more specific information later. By default, DWB supports Free Text search out-of-the-box for all its content, including converted hardcopy images.

dwCapture has an automated workflow that manages the processes of hardcopy document conversion, e.g., from scanning, to auto-text recognition, sending doubtful recognition for correction and to the final output.

dwCapture supports bulk import of converted documents into DWB's Repository, you may proceed to input the meta data later.


dwRecord implements market compliance Record Management System that manages the Life Cycle of Information and Data residing in DWB Content Repository.

Information typically has a useful lifespan, passing which, it may be best to archive them to a secondary storage either online or offline. This helps keep the Content Repository minimized with more current information relevant to current business operations. Otherwise, out-of-date information and data only serves to lower efficiency and productivity levels in operations.

dwRecord automates the process of review of records due for disposal based on their retention policy.

The retention period of certain records may be altered during the review process, e.g., to extend the retention period, or, to exclude some from archival, etc.

Records identified for disposal may be archived to a 2nd-tier online storage for ease of subsequent reference later, or, to offline storage, or, in the case of the public sector organisations, often to the National Archives -- which is supported by DWB too.


dwProcess automates Business Processes, such as, review and approval processes, project schedule deadlines monitoring, contract or licenses renewal monitoring, budget review and approval, etc.

dwProcess is Workflow Management Coalition's (WfMC)standard compliance.

dwProcess works for simple workflows to very complex workflows and all workflows can be designed and configured/ reconfigured. A modified workflow has version control and its effective date could be controlled, typically, to after the prior version is retired.

dwProcess is supported by two tools: the Workflow Administrator, and, the Designer tools.

The Designer tool allows definition and configuration/reconfiguration of new workflows.

The Administrator tool controls the start date and retiring date of workflows; optionally, Workflows may also be launched and retired through integrated Application Software.


dwPCR is DWB's unique Portable Content Reader that allows part of DWB's Content Repository to be downloaded to a portable storage device that you can bring along to off-site works and do not require any connectivity back to your office's Content Repository to access the required documents or files for your field works.

The Content ported to the portable storage or the local storage of a laptop, is secured through Encryption.

A Content Reader is bundled with ported content for performing DWB's standard search and retrieval of information in the content.

Please contact us for more details.
Document WorkBench Integration

3rd Party Applications Integration

DWB may be integrated with other software and devices (e.g. multi-purpose printer) through the following means:

  • Web Services, or
  • Application Programming Interface (API)

Application integration may also be for the purposes of one-way or two-ways data exchanges, or, direct filing into/retrieval from DWB Repository, from third-party Applications.

Off-the-Shelf Software Integration

DWB currently has integration with Microsoft Products in the following areas:

  • File Explorer drag-and-drop of files to directly create softcopy content in DWB's Content Repository
  • Microsoft Office, to directly check-in office files into DWB's Content Repository
  • Microsoft Outlook, to directly check-in emails into DWB's Content Repository
  • Microsoft SharePoint, for cross searching and document retrieval

With the means to be integrated with other applications, DWB fits particularly well with any content-centric business application, to manage content at the backend and yet be transparent to the users.

Document WorkBench Use-Cases

Typical use-cases for DWB are:

Digital Filing

Replaces physical filing system to achieve a “one-view” of organisation level information across the entire organisation, effectively eliminates Information Silos that exist in most organisations with unmanaged filings. There are then added benefits such as security, ease of looking up any information, work productivity and efficiency gains, etc.

Integrated Solution

Secured backend management of document and other digital assets, supporting an integrated business application frontend that relies on these assets to conduct various business processes, e.g. review and approval of loan or credit card application in the banking environment, insurance claim and investigation, or any other type of document-centric business applications.


Filing and management of company Records life cycle to meet statutory requirements.

DWB has been deployed across many industries, e.g. banking and finance, insurance, telco, public sector, school, manufacturing, distribution etc.


System Integration

Our service team has over 30 years’ implementation experiences in System Integration and services.

System Integrations encompass a broad based experiences and expertises, from solutioning to end-to-end implementation, including turnkey or bespoke software development, integration with external systems, data migration, change management, security testing and audits, installation, set up and supports.

Bespoke Software Development

Bespoke software development is often part of System Integration projects, but many a time, it is a standalone development, both with or without integration with external systems. An example software is a Feedback Management (or, Complaint and Compliment) Software.

DWB Product Implementation

DWB product is highly configurable, but to configure the system correctly and effectively, business requirements need to be clearly defined.

We work with our clients from requirements definition to configurations, set up, testing, to ensure the implemented system is fit for purpose. Typically, the implementation would involve system security scanning, penetration testing and audits.

Product Integration

We provide support for 3rd party software integration with DWB product.

The application software that benefit well from integration with DWB are the ones that need to manage and process unstructured data.

These data need to be stored, organised, access controlled, and protected. DWB takes care of these requirements at the backend and is transparent to the users.

Customise Product Functions & Features

Some clients, from time to time, may require some customisation to some of DWB’s feature or functions to suit their specific business requirements. This will ensure a better fit of DWB to their requirements. We work with our clients in these cases to agree to customise the concerned functions or features to achieve specific business objectives, with a caveat that the customisations do not require changes to the product core design.


Solutions are software that address certain verticals, for example, Feed Management Solution, Facility Booking Solution, Training Management Solution, etc.

These are some of the Solutions we had developed.

We are always open to opportunities to co-develop solutions with potential users on an agreeable commercial arrangement.

Job Opening

Job opening at present:

Software Engineer

If you are keen to apply, please forward your CV to


Our Clients


Our clients span across the following industries:

  • Public Sector
  • Education
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Trading
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Telecommunication
  • etc.

For Public Sector, our primary focus is Singapore; we have also done projects and other services in Brunei.

Our Products are sold across many industries, including all those listed above, in the ASEAN region. We work with resellers and partners outside of Singapore and we also work with key accounts partner in Singapore too.

Some of the Solutions We have Built for our Clients

These are all bespoke solutions:

  • Fees Collection System
  • eRegistry System
  • Feedback Management System
  • Emails Filing System
  • Facility Booking System
  • Aggregated Information System
  • Online Licensing System
  • Company and Business Registry System

Please contact us for more details.


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